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How To Drive A Stampede Of Laser Targeted Traffic Using Postcards

Rob Taylor | Contributing Writer | 2004-11-18

How would you like to make $4 for EVERY visitor who hits your site? How about $8? Would you be interested? This kind of money sounds insane doesn't it, especially when you consider that most websites are lucky if they can make a $1 out of a visitor. And the chances are that you would label me a liar and a scam artist for even making such an outrageous claim. Well those figures come from my own marketing. You can see the proof by visiting

"How did I do it?" you ask. The answer is very simple. I used good old fashioned direct mail, and more specifically I sent out postcards to lists of buyers, people who have previously bought a product similar to what I was offering. Direct mail golden rule #1… Never, ever rent names of enquirers. That's suicide, because they are unqualified and generally tyre-kickers.

So as the cost of pay per click marketing goes up, and joint ventures become harder and harder to get, and the free traffic generating methods start dying, and all those gateway page generation software tools keep getting your site banned from the search engines. With banner impressions sending you trickle traffic, and more and more emails never arrive because of the spam filters, it's time to look at direct mail.

And yes of course it's going to cost you money to send a mail shot. But if you've tweaked and tested your website to convert the maximum amount of visitors, if you have setup up your automated backend sales process. Believe me, direct mail is one of the best ways of driving laser targeted visitors to your site, people who already have a proven track record of BUYING products similar to what you offer. Yes I've repeated myself, but I want you to "get" that little piece of advice.

So as your email open rates dwindle to dust, and you find it harder and harder to generate quality website traffic. Remember the lowly postcard, because it's what the big guys are using to make obscene amounts of cash from their websites.


About the Author:
Rob Taylor has been writing & publishing information products online since 1996. He is the publisher of Ted Nicholas & Stuart Goldsmith’s classic direct mail home study course The Golden Mailbox. Details at

It's off to work with mom they go

By Mitch Fryer
Friday, April 29, 2005

KITTANNING — Jocelyn Bassett knows that her mom goes off to work every day at the Kittanning Post Office and that she works at the front desk weighing mail, sending packages and selling stamps.
But that was it.

Yesterday Bassett, 12, and four other children of workers at the post office, Alex Thompson, 12, Brittanny Wiant, 12, Ashli Hollobaugh, 11 and Jacob Bowser, 11, got to see first hand what their moms or dads really do when the youths participated in Take Your Kid To Work Day.

The national program started as Take Your Daughter To Work Day. It was originally designed to encourage career selection and to educate children about what their parents do at work. Some companies adapted the program to include sons and eventually the program evolved into Take Your Kid To Work Day. Employees bring their kids to work on the fourth Thursday of April.

The kids learned everything from bar codes to zip codes, bulk mail to certified mail and how to sort all of that out. “I thought it would be harder than it really is,” Jocelyn said. “I see that it’s not. It’s like using a computer.”

Jocelyn got to see the more interesting side of work at the post office when mom JoAnna Edwards asked customers with packages questions about hazardous materials. The U.S. Postal Service has increased security measures since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

It was also the first time that the Kittanning Post Office had allowed kids to come to work with their parents since the 2001 attacks. Helping a woman mail a package to relatives in Italy was the highlight of Jocelyn’s day. “Sending something to Italy was cool,” Jocelyn said. “I like working at the front desk because I like meeting people.” Alex Thompson already had an idea about his mom Marie Flowers’ work place. “She told me about it,” he said.

“I knew what the outside looked like and I’ve seen the back room before,” Alex said. “But I thought the work would be different. “I did learn some new things.” Crossing off bar codes and using the register were his favorites jobs, he said. “These kids pick things up fast, faster than we do because of knowing computers,” Edwards said.

“We tell them focus on the customers and think “GIST” which is greet, inquire, suggest and thank. “Working here for the day is teaching them how to deal with people and to be respectful.”

Mitch Fryer can be reached at or (724) 543-1303 ext 242.

Bulk mail -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
Advertisers often call it "targeted mailing", as mail is usually sent out due to (An organized body of related information) database readings.
A (A conventional or formulaic conception or image) stereotype commonly associated with junk mail is the misspelling of any but the simplest surnames.
An organization called the Mailing Preference Service allows you to register with them for free and they will ensure your address is removed from 95% of mailing lists. /encyclopedia/b/bu/bulk_mail.htm (171 words)

Save Postage Using Postal Bulk Mail Rates
Bulk mail is a way to save money on postage by doing things that save the US Postal Service (USPS) money.
They have postal clerks there who specialize in bulk mail, and who may catch any problems with your mailing while you are still there at the post office.
Some neighborhood and town post offices are authorized to accept bulk mail (not all are), but they will do nothing more than transport it to the main post office. (1402 words)

.:: Bulk Mail ::.
Mail addressed to foreign countries cannot be sent as a bulk mailing.
Mail pieces with or without an indicia may not be commingled in a single bulk mailing.
Mail sent in envelopes imprinted with an indicia will be returned to sender if the mailing does not qualify for bulk mailing rates. /Mail/Mailthirdlass.html (883 words)

Bulk E-mail protocols and tagging
In their most basic form, mail transport agents and clients might be programmed to filter or redirect mail that had certain attributes.
Per-recipient bulk mail policy would be done with an ESMTP protocol, as defined in RFC1869.
Senders which continue to send mail to such addresses that violate such requests may be guilty of a "denial of service" attack if the volume of such requests produces a noticeable load on servers and their resources. /brad/spume/tag.html (3315 words)

Encyclopedia: Bulk mail
However, in common parlance, both bulk mail and junk mail are used to refer to advertising circulars, free trial CDs and other merchandising come-ons delivered by post to homes and businesses.
Advertisers often call it "targeted mailing", as mail is usually sent out due to database readings.
An organization called the Mailing Preference Service allows people in the United Kingdom to register with them for free and they will ensure those people's addresses are removed from 95% of mailing lists. /encyclopedia/Bulk-mail (630 words) :: Tips for ethical bulk e-mail
Sending bulk mail professionally and ethically, with focus on the needs of the customer (you), takes time, expertise, and other resources; you should not expect to get such services for free (Constant Contact, as an example, does offer free mailing for very small lists, but charges what seem like appropriate fees for business-sized lists).
All of your mailings should be prepared and sent in an ethical and transparent fashion, free from the common earmarks of spam mailing.
I have a long page with descriptions of the tricks that spammers use to get their mail out and protect their resources; basically, the bottom line is that you don't want to find yourself using any of these. /spamweb/ethicalbulkmail.html (4426 words)

FTC Names Its Dirty Dozen: 12 Scams Most Likely to Arrive Via Bulk Email
FTC staff found that more often than not, bulk email offers appeared to be fraudulent, and if pursued, could have ripped-off unsuspecting consumers to the tune of billions of dollars.
Bulk email solicitations offer to sell you lists of email addresses, by the millions, to which you can send your own bulk solicitations.
The fact that a "product" such as a report on how to make money fast, a mailing list, or a recipe may be changing hands in the transaction does not change the legality of these schemes. /bcp/conline/pubs/alerts/doznalrt.htm (1665 words)

Mail Tools for Microsoft Outlook
Add-ins that do bulk mail with Outlook may be unusable unless they have been rewritten to accommodate the "object model guard" in the Outlook E-mail Security Update.
Mail Merge to E-mail with Attachments -- Use Word VBA to create a mail merge with attachments.
MailPilot*IN monitors your mail as it comes in, route its and automatically initiates the appropriate action, including extract header, message and attachments to process the data externally; generate a read receipt; move, copy or delete a message; remove attachments; print the message and attachments; start an external program; or mark message as 'read'. /addins/mail.htm (3911 words)

A Shelley Design : Direct Mail Advertising : Bulk Mail Lists
Our mailing lists have pin-point accuracy to ensure your mailer reaches customers and your campaign dollars are spent wisely.
Bulk Mail -- Using the U.S.P.S. to deliver your companies message in mass quantities at a reduced postage rate.
Carrier Presort -- Mail on which the carrier route number for delivery is identified for a reduced postage rate. (430 words)

Unsolicited Bulk Email: Mechanisms for Control
Similarly, an association of mail relayers who have anti-UBE agreements with their senders may agree to mark email from that association so that a recipient would have a greater trust for that mail than for unmarked mail.
There might be a delay between when mail is received and when it is available to the recipient, but this is likely to be extremely short (under a second).
There might be a delay between when mail is received by the recipient and when he or she can read the rest of their mail, but this is likely to be short, depending on the speed of their computer. /ube-sol.html (7911 words)

The Seattle Times: Local News: State prison inmates prevail in case over bulk-mail rules
Shannon Inglis, the Department of Corrections' attorney, argued before the appeals court that allowing bulk mail and catalogs would mean more work for the prison's mailroom staff and increased opportunities for contraband.
That's the primary reason the department in 1999 banned all catalogs and nonsubscription bulk mail from its prisons.
Wing argued that some of the things that had been thrown away because they were sent at bulk rates included U.S. Justice Department papers on prison conditions and prison budgets, mailings from schools about correspondence courses and brochures from political parties. /html/localnews/2002169040_prisonnews03m.html (476 words)

Bulk Email Marketing Software Mass Emailing List Managers Extractors Finders Senders Emailers Generators for Newsletters
Mail SenderExpress Pro is a high-speed mailing software meant for professionals who need to send information / notification to a large number of recipients with in couple of minutes.
Bulk email software mass emailing software a set of software utilities, which provide advertising through emails, bulk emails mass emailing, Internet marketing an emarketing toolkit.
Bulk Emails password hacking software to hack and find the email addresses you require from any of bulk mail server with this bulk email software. (1054 words)

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Bulk Email Software Superstore has been serving the internet public for nearly 8 years.
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Articles - Bulk mail
However, in common parlance, both bulk mail and junk mail are used to refer to advertising circulars, free trial CDs and other merchandising come-ons delivered by mail to homes and businesses.
The USPS prefers to call it "advertising mail", noting that some people might find offers of interest to them in it.
Many, however, dislike or resent it, in the same way as with telemarketers'; calls and e-mail spam, and some jurisdictions like the US have laws requiring junk mailers to withhold their offerings from residents who opt out. /articles/Junk_mail (294 words)

Bulk email marketing software for direct mass emailing. Internet email advertising with Atomic email extractor, bulk ...
A fresh mailing list is only a few key presses away.
Our bulk mailer program processes mailing lists of any size.There is no limit to the number of recipients that you can specify.
To keep mailing lists fresh and up-to-date, use Atomic E-mail Verifier that checks your mailing lists and automatically removes all non-existing e-mail addresses. (599 words)

Bulk Mail
Do not endorse your mail standard mail for items weighing up to 11 ounces because the first and standard class rates are identical.
It may be applied to domestic mailings of separately addressed pieces identical in size and weight in quantities of no less than 50 pounds or 200 pieces (Maximum weight per piece 15.9 ounces).
The University operates a bulk mail service area, specifically designed to handle all mail processing functions. /mailserv/bulk.htm (180 words)

Bulk Email Marketing Software at
FEDE is a high-performance bulk email software for sending personalized email messages to the large group of recipients.
Unlike other bulk email sending products our tool gives You unique ability to send Flash movies not as referenced file but as embedded inside the message itself delivering high quality content with a sound and video for your Bulk Email Marketing campaign.
Bulk email has become the usual method of promotion for businesses wanting to successfully compete in the internet century. (644 words)

Kroll-Software / Bulk-Mailer: Newsletter Software, download free demo
The use of this program to send spam mails is in violation of the license agreement.
An extra list for mailing addresses to be excluded ensures that certain recipients are excluded from any mailing.
Prior to mailing, the program checks the validity of a personal identification number (PIN), which is linked to a particular sender address. /produkte/bulkmailer_en.asp (891 words)

Bulk e-mail companies use software to "harvest" the e-mail addresses of Internet users from personal Web pages, discussion forums and newsgroups--kind of like pulling random names from the phone book.
And the bulk of spam is so great that $2 to $3 of every e-mail user's monthly bill goes to spam-fighting efforts and equipment upgrades by their Internet Service Providers.
Only 7% claim they "love to get spam." Bigger companies know that bulk e-mail is a good way to trash their reputations, which is why you'll never get an unsolicited ad from IBM or Wal-Mart in your mailbox. /spam.htm (2060 words)

Spam's Cost To Business Escalates (
Many companies with legitimate products rely on the ability to reach millions of existing and potential customers through e-mail, and they argue that their solicitations are not spam.
But Steven Wood, a lawyer with the state attorney general's office, said the state has yet to have a successful prosecution because it is so difficult to track spammers down.
In a celebrated incident last year, one of the country's largest bulk e-mailers, Alan Ralsky of Michigan, found his home address, telephone number and pictures of his house posted online in a coordinated effort to make his life miserable after the Detroit Free Press wrote a story about his business. /ac2/wp-dyn/A17754-2003Mar12 (2865 words)

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Bulk Mail Software, Postal Bulk Mail.
You know you can save money with bulk mail, but you shouldn't have to pay a bundle for the software to do it yourself.
We include all the tools you need to successfully mange your bulk mail campaign; from importing to printing.
To be an effective direct mail marketer you need tools that help you improve response rates. (302 words)

Usps Bulk Mail
2) " Bulk" -- In re: Usps Bulk Mail
3) " Mail" -- In re: Usps Bulk Mail
Since the 19th century, national postal systems have generallybeen established as government monopolies with a fee on the article prepaid, often in the form of adhesive stamps. /some/39370-usps-bulk-mail.html (643 words)

RTE Business - Draft order on bulk mail service from ComReg
In a report published today ComReg says there should be at least one access point for bulk mail in every town with a population of more than 15,000.
It said that in cases where a county does not have a town with a population in excess of 15,000 an access point will be made available in the largest town of that county.
Business Today: Tico's Alex Piggott said that to allow people who produce bulk mail to use An Post is very important. /business/2004/0901/comreg.html (251 words)

Stop junk mail - easy kit to block bulk mail
The Stop the Junk Mail Kit was researched and developed by a former junk mail copywriter.
Thanks." --S.W. Midwest City, OK "Since using the Stop The Junk Mail Kit, I have noticed a dramatic reduction in the amount of unwanted mail.
Not only have I been able to eliminate unwanted mail and advertisements, I have been able to control the frequency for which I receive catalogs from the companies I want to do business with. (671 words)

Bulk e-mail HOWTO
These are frequently used in spam to "confirm" address validity, and some mail clients will block them.
DO send mail on a regular schedule, like once a week or once a month, so users don't forget that they subscribed.
DO make it easy for people to change or cancel their subscription, like a link at the bottom that takes them to a web page that already knows what their address is. If you make it hard to unsubscribe, users and system managers will block your mail rather than waste time arguing. /marketerhelp/bulk-howto.shtml (544 words)

6 Million Email Addresses
Using our free bulk E-mail broadcasting software, you can send E-mails directly from your computer without the use of an external mail server.
It also allows you to send mail much more quickly than with a normal email program and avoid spam complaints.
Using your ISP's mail server to send your bulk email might not be allowed. /6millionemail.htm (465 words)

direct mail quotes: get bids on mailing lists to bulk mail services services
Whether you are new to direct mail or a seasoned expert, we have resources to assist you.
Look up postal rates and regulations, browse through our giant selection of direct mail related articles, or if you have a project to mail, fill out our direct mail spec sheet and have it emailed to your local shops for bidding.
If you are a mailing service, sign up now to start bidding on direct mail projects. (266 words)

AOL Unsolicited Bulk E-mail Policy
In addition, Internet e-mail sent, or caused to be sent, to or through the AOL Network that makes use of or contains invalid or forged headers, invalid or non-existent domain names or other means of deceptive addressing will be deemed to be counterfeit.
Similarly, e-mail that is relayed from any third party's mail servers without the permission of that third party, or which employs similar techniques to hide or obscure the source of the e-mail, is also an unauthorized use of the AOL Network.
Unauthorized use of the AOL Network in connection with the transmission of unsolicited bulk e-mail, including the transmission of counterfeit e-mail, may result in civil and criminal penalties against the sender, including those provided by the /aol/aolpol/ube.html (333 words)

Bulk E-Mail Software Download at
User can send bulk email campaigns, weekly newsletters, monthly newsletters, e-bills, surveys, invitations, automated receipts, sales presentations, customer service messages etc in an effective and efficient way providing each of your customer a personalized attention.
Once the user created the campaign document and connected it to the contact databases, the user can send mails immediately or even later, whenever the user wants to.
Using interactMail Desktop the user can preview the exact copy of the mail which is going to be delivered to his/her customer. (495 words)

Postage $aver Low-Cost Software for Postal Bulk Mail
Postage $aver sorts your mailing list in postal bulk mail order, prints the postage statement (Win only), rate qualification report, and barcoded tray/sack tags, calculates all postage amounts and discounts including nonprofit rates, and prints step-by-step packaging/traying instructions.
The Pro version is required for mail that has barcodes to qualify for automation postage discounts.
My first two bulk mail efforts (1990 and 7200 items) went to the post office error free. (881 words)

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