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Peoria Kia Becomes No. 1 Kia Dealership in the World, Increases Be-Back Ratio by 75% with CallCommand's CallStream

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 6, 2005--CallCommand(TM), a leading provider of Web-based communication solutions to automotive retailers nationwide, today announced that Peoria Kia increased its be-back ratio by 75% and became the No. 1 Kia dealership in the world within six months with CallCommand's powerful Web-based calling system being highly instrumental. CallStream(TM) is a tool that allows users to develop and send out targeted voice mail messages instantly from any location, with superior penetration: as high as 92% message delivery.

Before signing on with CallCommand, Arizona-based Peoria Kia was doing well in the market but was finding it hard to maintain a consistent follow up with all showroom, service and parts traffic, and was thus wasting leads; by the time the prospects were called back, many had already purchased elsewhere.

General Manager & Co-Owner of Peoria Kia Michael Crawford is well-known in the business as both a great motivator and great closer. According to Crawford, with CallStream there are no wasted leads. When a motivating message is sent out, many customers will call back and once Michael gets hold of them, they can be sure to be closed.

"CallCommand is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st Century. The future of this business is to ensure that all names and numbers are logged for future follow-up as the deal you can't make today, you can make tomorrow. CallCommand gives me the opportunity to talk to everyone. Dealers are committing spiritual suicide if they don't get involved with this," commented Crawford.

"I eat, sleep and breathe the automobile business; CallStream makes it so much easier to fulfill my commitment," Crawford added.

Every single individual who walks into Peoria Kia is logged, and regardless of whether they purchase anything, they receive a call the next day, or sometimes within just a few hours. The call is recorded as a very personal message from Crawford which states that he wants to ensure that they had a good experience at the store and that they were treated properly.

"CallCommand is invaluable as far as planning my day. It makes it so that I can be in contact with any customer practically 24/7. I know I have a larger percentage of closes now. For example, last Saturday was busy; we sold 36 cars. I personally had three people leave as I couldn't get to them in time. With CallStream they received a call from me, and that night they called me back and I sold them," Crawford stated.

CallStream has also helped the dealership create campaigns on the fly to take advantage of factory rebates, enhancements and updates. With print and broadcast ads it was too late to make any changes and direct mail would not have reached the customers in time to take advantage of the rebates. Using CallStream the dealership was able to record a message and send it out to a customer list in a matter of minutes. The process is very simple. A dealer logs onto the CallCommand(TM) Web site, enters in select customer names or attaches a targeted customer call list, selects the type of campaign such as "sales rebates" or "thank you calls to new customers," records a script and sends it out to an unlimited number of customers, all at the touch of a button.

CallStream has also helped improve the dealership's CSI. After a customer has talked to a salesperson, they fill out a form about their experience. If they are unhappy, the customer relations manager takes note of this and fires out a call from Crawford and places a note on his desk, so he knows to expect a call from the customer. In this way, Crawford is able to resolve any customer service issues before they become a major situation.

Crawford has also seen a significant increase in traffic from his traditional media - direct mail, print and broadcast ads. Using CallStream he has increased this traffic by a further 25%. The dealership fires out a call telling the customer to look for the mailer, or makes some reference to the ad on TV or in the newspaper. The dealership tracks the increase as the customer is told to come in and ask for free movie passes.

"CallCommand is the greatest thing since the Second Coming. If anyone doesn't believe this they can call me personally on my cell phone: 623-203-8259. It's not just the tool itself, it's also the staff and the training and support that CallCommand provides. They deliver what they promise," said Crawford.

For the latest on CallCommand's technology and products that improve customer relations, decrease marketing costs, increase market share and aid dealer telemarketing compliance, visit booth 641 at the 2005 NADA convention and exposition in New Orleans, Jan. 29-Feb. 1.


CallCommand(TM) is a leading provider of communication solutions for retailers, businesses and government agencies. Their patent-pending technology decreases marketing and communication costs while simultaneously improving customer responsiveness. All of their solutions are fully Web-based and do not require hardware, software or telephony equipment.

CallStream(TM), CallCommand's core product, is a revolutionary, Web-based personalized calling system designed to provide superior voice messaging to cell phones, land phones and other devices. Combining the latest, most innovative telecom and Internet technologies, CallStream provides for quick, reliable execution of targeted communications.

CallScan(TM), released simultaneously with new legislation, offers state and federal do-not-call compliance solutions. CallScan will assist businesses in building an infrastructure to support the new legislation being imposed by the Federal Trade Commission, FCC, state agencies and even the Treasury Department regulations. Most importantly, this feature will aid dealers in ensuring that all necessary safe harbor requirements are met.

CommunitySafe, which enlists CallCommand's newly developed emergency broadcast technology, provides communities with a unique new tool to help resolve any community perception issues, create safer communities and build top-of-mind awareness. It is an instant alert and communication system that allows the dissemination of vital information to citizens quickly and effectively. This unique communication tool simultaneously provides any organization with a more cost-effective and timelier way to communicate to their patrons.

For additional information please contact Lindsay Whitson: phone: 877-862-6662, e-mail:, visit CallCommand's Web site at, log onto any search engine (i.e.: Yahoo, Google, MSN) and type the word "CallCommand", or drop by booth 641 at the NADA 2005 Convention and Exposition in New Orleans.


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