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Email Newsletter Readers Not Converting? Marketing Company Reveals Five Simple Steps to Increase Sales with E-Newsletters

(PRLEAP.COM) Email Newsletter Readers Not Converting? Marketing Company Reveals Five Simple Steps to Increase Sales with E-Newsletters

Fort Collins, CO, February 17, 2005: “We like our email newsletter, we just wish it delivered a stronger ROI.” Statements like that are heard all too often by Paul Nastu, President of PJ Writing Group LLC, a Colorado-based marketing communications company. But the truth is that Email newsletters excel at gaining repeat and new business at a lower cost than other forms of marketing and advertising. So how does a company use its e-newsletter to increase quality leads for sales teams and give a boost to viral, word of mouth, and referral marketing programs? PJ Writing Group has five simple steps for creating an ezine that your sales team will love.

#1 Keep it helpful
It’s often repeated and often forgotten. But it’s the kind of truism that’s, well, true. If they don’t read the newsletter, forget about capturing them as customers. Keep it short, informative and helpful. Unless your contact list consists solely of employees’ mothers, subscribers don’t want to read company press releases, long sales copy, or big clumps of text announcing your good fortune. What they want are quick tips that will increase their bottom line or at least make life easier.

#2 Make it interactive
Readers love to share their opinions. Give them an opportunity. At its best, a newsletter begins an ongoing dialogue between you and your customers and potential customers. Ask them to submit stories. Get them to take part in a survey. Make it about something that will help them in their business and then share the results. Soon, you’ll see a community forming with your business at the center.

#3 Advertise your business
While the stories in your newsletter should help your readers, fill other areas with advertisements about your services. Use creative links and copy to drive traffic to your site and to forms where you collect contact information. Between meatier stories try a short two- or three-line ad that will get people to explore your services further. Advertise white papers, live demos, webinars, and free consultations — anything that will put them in contact with sales.

#4 Offer incentives
If you want people to forward your newsletter to colleagues or give referrals, offer something in return. Prepare a number of different white papers and offer them at different points in the subscription cycle. When someone subscribes to the newsletter, give them a white paper. If they forward the newsletter, offer another. If that forward results in a subscriber, send a thank you note and, if possible, something of value—be creative. And make sure the newsletter promotes your off-line referral programs.

#5 Measure results
Don’t forget the importance of tracking the results of your e-newsletters. You have to know who’s opening it and who’s not, as well as what they’re clicking on. If your readers are a good representation of your customer pool, you’ll know what your customers care about—and what holds no interest. Share results with the sales team and base subsequent sales initiatives and customer contacts on the results.

For more information on how to make email newsletters increase sales, visit:

About PJ Writing Group LLC (
PJ Writing Group LLC provides email newsletter services to clients that range from Fortune 50 companies to startups in search of a unique identity, voice, and message. PJ Writing Group LLC creates the right message, reaches the right people, and increases customer base—whether targeting a local market or doing business nationwide.

Paul Nastu
PJ Writing Group, LLC

Melissa Data Partners with Intelligent Direct to Offer Customized Business Maps

Specialized ZIP Code maps can help nearly every type of business manage their influence in a specific market area.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (February 8, 2005)—Melissa Data, a leading provider of data quality software and services, today announced that it has formed a partnership with Intelligent Direct, the nation’s largest producer of custom business maps. Under the agreement, Melissa Data will offer Intelligent Direct’s line of map products under the name MelissaMAPS.

Melissa Data will feature many different types of maps including carrier route maps, ZIP Code maps, state ZIP Code maps and custom area maps. The maps can be used to manage mailings, target households, design sales territories or plan deliveries.

Every business is influenced by its location and demographics, and these maps will help businesses manage their influence in a specific market. For example, an area map allows businesses to specify a center point for their map and how much coverage they want. Coverage can be specified by radius or driving time.

“Pinpointing exactly what areas to cover when mailing marketing materials is crucial to a business,” said Ray Melissa, president of Melissa Data. “These customized maps will help businesses eliminate wasted mail and save money on postage.”

“Businesses want exactly the maps they need, when they need them,” said Dan Olasin, president of Intelligent Direct. “Our partnership with Melissa Data will give their clients direct access to thousands of different maps. The maps can be ordered online and delivered within hours.”

The maps can easily be customized for nearly every line of business—for direct marketers, retailers, delivery services, real estate agents, and other business professionals.

Melissa Data will offer a variety of map types—from wall maps, to digital maps and map books. Customers can select the map color and size best suited for their needs. The customer also can select the maps’ finishing options including lamination, mounting, magnetic backing and spring rollers.

Editors are invited to visit to view map options.

About Melissa Data
Celebrating its 20th year in business, Melissa Data, the Data Superstore, helps companies manage and optimize their contact data. Melissa Data provides solutions for address and phone number validation, postal coding, data enhancements and sales leads. Every day more than 70,000 people visit the company’s Web site. A powerful line of software, databases, programming tools, and hygiene services has made Melissa Data a recognized leader in the data quality industry. For more information, or to request trial software, contact Melissa Data at 1-800-800-6245 or visit


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