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Pitney Bowes Announces the 'Invention of the Year' Award Winner

P.B. Senior Fellow Rick Ryan Selected for Top Innovation Prize

STAMFORD, Conn., June 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Pitney Bowes Inc (NYSE: PBI - News) announced its 13th annual Invention of the Year Award at a dinner ceremony held last night at the company's headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

Rick Ryan, a Senior Fellow in the Advanced Concepts & Technology, won the prize as Inventor of the Year for US Patent #6,816,838, entitled "Production Mail System Having Subsidies for Printing of Third Party Messages on Mail Pieces". Mr. Ryan is a prolific inventor and has received over 50 U.S. patents during his career at Pitney Bowes Inc.

Ryan's system facilitates the placement of 3rd party targeted advertisements (messages, coupons, web sites addresses, etc.) on the white space of envelopes. Specifically, the invention provides an automated solution for Pitney Bowes to broker the transaction between the mailer and the advertiser.

By using information within the recipient's address (geography, zip code, demographic data, etc.), an advertiser can target its messages by choosing the messages it wants to place on any given envelope while excluding those envelopes that do not fit their target parameters. With Ryan's system the advertiser gets a more targeted direct mail piece while the mailer can subsidize the cost of its mailings with advertising revenue.

"This invention provides another example of Pitney Bowes 'Engineering the Flow of Communication(TM)' by applying information technology and process improvements to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers' communications and helping them grow their revenue, find new customers and lower their costs," said Michael J. Critelli, Chairman and CEO, Pitney Bowes Inc.

Rick Ryan lives in Oxford, Connecticut with his wife, Kim and two daughters. He graduated from MIT and has been with Pitney Bowes for 18 years. Previously he was on the team that developed the online postage solution and is currently working on developing security models for a personal postage meter. He's an elder with the Bethany Christian Church in Stratford and is a member of the Connecticut Chorale Society.

In addition to the Invention of the Year, two other Pitney Bowes inventors won awards for being granted 8 U.S. patents each in 2004 covering such diverse areas of technology as diagnostics, detecting contaminants in mailing equipment, enclosure feeding and sheet cutting.

"It's notable that the winners of this award, John Sussmeier and Gregory Skinger, collaborated on four patents with one another in 2004," said Critelli. "Teamwork is a core value of our company and this award reinforces our operational principle that we are partners in everything we do."

Pitney Bowes embraces innovation as a driver of growth and was ranked 140th this year on the Intellectual Property Owner's list of top patent holders, with 125 patents issued in 2004.

Pitney Bowes is the world's leading provider of integrated mail and document management systems, services and solutions. The $5.1 billion company helps organizations of all sizes efficiently and effectively manage their mission-critical mail and document flow in physical, digital and hybrid formats. Its solutions range from addressing software and metering systems to print stream management, electronic bill presentment and presort mail services. The company's 85 years of technological leadership have produced many major innovations in the mailing industry, and it is consistently on the Intellectual Property Owner's list of top U.S. patent holders. With approximately 35,000 employees worldwide, Pitney Bowes serves more than 2 million businesses through direct and dealer operations. More information about the company can be found at .

For More Information:
Scott Gerschwer
Manager, Media Relations

Source: Pitney Bowes Inc


• Advanced Technology Automates Outgoing Mail
• Routine Office Tasks Made More Efficient
• Improve Productivity and Save Money

West Conshohocken, PA (November 11, 2004) – Secap is proud to introduce a new line of desktop folder inserters. These products include the Secap SI 3250 and SI 3400 folder inserters available in several configurations. These powerfully advanced folder inserters automate the routine task of folding, stuffing, and sealing outgoing mail. Businesses can dramatically improve productivity, get mailings done faster and easier, beat deadlines, speed cash flow and improve response time.

The Secap SI 3250 can be configured with either one or two sheet feeders to accommodate a wide range of common mailing applications. Both configurations include a convenient insertion feeder for automating the insertion of reply cards, return envelopes, or a pre-folded sheet. These products are easy to use and speed up the distribution of mailings, freeing up valuable time and resources for more productive work. The Secap“ SI 3250 is fast and accurate and is capable of operating at speeds up to 2,500 mail pieces per hour. This unit is the perfect product for most general office applications.

The Secap SI 3400 folder inserter offers advanced technology and even greater control over your mailings. The SI 3400 has a small footprint and combines a stylish design yet has high production capabilities. The Secap“ SI 3400 comes standard with two sheet feeders plus an insert only tray for short media like reply cards, return envelopes, or a pre-folded sheet. In addition, the SI 3400 can be equipped with Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology for adding intelligence to your mailing to provide you with greater control and security. The SI 3400 can operate at production speeds up to 3,500 pieces per hour, getting mail out quickly and efficiently.

The new line of Secap folder inserters comes standard with simple-to-use large LCD screens providing users with text and diagram prompts. The SI 3250 and SI 3400 folder inserter can be programmed to make processing routine mailings fast and easy.

Pat Weston, Marketing Manager at Secap, offers the following opinion; "The Secap" SI 3400 is a fantastic solution for getting our communications out to our customers quickly and efficiently. It is ideal for letter marketing campaigns, billing statements and invoices and other business mailings. We used to spend hours manually stuffing envelopes. Now with the help of the SI 3400, we can fold, insert and seal with the push of a button. Best of all, while it’s processing the mail, I’m free to do other marketing tasks.”

Secap is located in suburban Philadelphia and offers mail stream management and solutions to organizations of all sizes. Secap offers a wide array of products and services to assist organizations in managing and controlling the costs in their organization’s mail stream. In addition to the new line of folder inserters, Secap offers a wide selection of desktop inkjet addressing printers, production and integrated addressing systems, mailing software, folder/inserters, tab and label affixing machines and shipping software solutions that are available throughout North America. For more details, call Secap at 1.800.523.0320

Contact: Mary Rokosz, Marketing Coordinator

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