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• Separate High Capacity and High Quality Production Feeder
• Superior Productivity From A Desktop Footprint
• Delivers High Speed, Performance and Quality
• Proven Secap® 30K Printer Base

West Conshohocken, PA (August 23, 2004) – Secap announces today the release of the 30KNFO. Utilizing the highly successful proven technology of the Secap® 30K, the 30KNFO combines this technology with the advanced, high capacity Secap® FR170 friction feeder which is separate from the base, delivering increased media hopper capacity and improved feeder technology. The innovative design combines the latest in HP inkjet technology with a proven high capacity feeder to deliver more consistent results to the discerning volume mailer.

The versatile and separate feeder enables this system to be the printer of choice for high volume and discerning mailers needing flexibility in their equipment. The FR170 high speed, high volume friction feeder can easily handle media up to ½” thick and up to 12 3/16” x 14”. The feeder is equipped with a 24” hopper and also comes with a shelf for ensuring the feeder can easily feed the printer. Start/stop integration can be set up between the feeder and printer, to create a system that truly delivers increased value and productivity.

Based on the highly successful Secap® 30K platform, the system is equipped with an innovative split head configuration, delivering the ability to print the address, barcode, message line, return address, logo and indicia in a single pass. Each print head bank holds three ink cartridges and can deliver 1-1/2” of print allowing for up to 3” of print. The inkjet technology can deliver print resolutions from 150 x 600 dpi to 600 x 600 dpi and can easily handle black, spot color, or versatile black ink which can help deliver marketing messages that stand out and enhance the overall appeal of mail being delivered.

The engineered design of the Secap® 30KNFO transport base delivers a production unit in a compact desktop footprint. The transport base allows this printing system to be able to accommodate media ranging from 3” x 5” up to 14” x 15-1/2” and media that is up to ½” thick. An easy to use control panel makes setup and operation straightforward and simple for virtually any user. The printer comes equipped with a parallel port interface and drivers to facilitate printing from a Microsoft Windows® based computer system.

Chris Oxnam, Service Technician at Secap, offers the following opinion; “The Secap® 30KNFO has one of the best feeders I have ever seen, handling every type of media we put in it. When it is combined with the 30K platform it creates a superior address system.”

Secap is located in suburban Philadelphia and offers mail stream management solutions to organizations of all sizes. Secap offers a wide array of products and services to assist organizations in managing and controlling the costs in their organization’s mail stream. In addition to the Secap® 30KNFO, a wide selection of desktop inkjet addressing printers, production and integrated addressing systems, mailing software, folder/inserters, tab and label affixing machines are available throughout North America. For more details, call Secap at 1.800.523.0320

Contact: Mary Rokosz, Marketing Coordinator

Francotyp-Postalia Launches FPi 5000 Mail Inserting System at National Postal Forum

A Flexible, High-Volume Folder/Inserter Featuring Optical Mark Reading

Addison, IL– April 17, 2002-- Francotyp-Postalia, Inc. (FP Mailing Solutions), a world-class mailroom solutions provider, today introduced the FPi 5000 inserting system, adding to its already established line of inserters. FP Mailing Solutions representatives will be on hand at the National Postal Forum (NPF) to demonstrate these new inserters, as well as the complete line of mail center solutions, including meters and mailing systems, letter openers/shredders, other folding and inserting systems, addressing systems, accounting solutions, receiving systems and furniture, April 21-24 during the NPF at the San Diego Convention Center.

“FP Mailing Solutions provides the full array of mailing solutions for any company’s mail center production and management needs,” said Larry Turner, President of Francotyp-Postalia Inc. “As promised, FP Mailing Solutions continues to deliver new products across all of our product lines to help customers improve mail center productivity and reduce costs.”

The FPi 5000 inserting system is designed for inserting applications in low-volume to high-volume mail centers and features FP Mailing Solutions’ hallmark German engineering and ease of use. It is available in three basic models, the FPi 5020, FPi 5040 and FPi 5060. The modular design of the FPi 5000 inserting system makes it possible to configure the system for every office’s special requirements and mail volume needs, as well as allow for expanding capabilities as needs grow.

The FPi 5000 inserter system offers the following features:

Two, four or six automatic feeding stations which can automatically feed documents and supplements such as flyers, postcards, return envelopes and brochures

Optical marks reader (OMR) function for assembling personalized mailings and selecting the optimal combinations of supplements to fill each envelope to its maximum allowable weight

Control features that provide maximum operating security to make sure every envelope is complete and correctly filled, detect double-fed documents and measure the thickness of the documents being fed

Processing capabilities of up to 3500 letters per hour

Innovative folding technology of up to eight documents simultaneously

Central, easy-to-use interactive control panel featuring a graphic display and six function keys

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